Released HDR Studio Prerelease 8.0.1r3

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Released HDR Studio Prerelease 8.0.1r3

Postby LSI_Rossee » Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:55 pm

Dear All,

we release SilverFast 8 HDR Studio prerelease in version 8.0.1r3 with some fixes for previews and a performance improvement. The changes in detail are:

- fixed offset in preview between rgb and actual IR channel.
- added a plausibility for free zoom.
- added support for SSE processor instructions which increases performance when performing operations on "multiple data objects". You should experience shorter processing times up to 50%. Currently on OS X only but we will include this for Windows platform as well if the tests are positive.

Expect for the next release more focus on adding functionality rather than bugfixes.

Best, JAN.

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