Silverfast HDR v6.5 - What's it for...?

SilverFast HDR Studio (48bit HDR processing)

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Silverfast HDR v6.5 - What's it for...?

Postby Numptie » Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:53 am

Hi there,

sorry for the underwhelming question, but after speaking to my supplier, they convinced me this is the Silverfast I need.

I'm using a Microtex scanner bundled with both Silverfast Ai Studio + HDR.

One of the reasons why I needed it is because I'm on dual platform Mac OSX + Windows XP - both versions are supplied here.

I'm stunned at the intelligence required to get the software onto my computer - so far I've managed the Windows side. I'm struggling with the following:

1). My Silverfast AiStudio manual is identical to the Silverfast HDR manual except for the Serial Number codes stuck on. This is the standard Stilverfast Ai Studio/Ai Studio Manual, but there is no information on the HDR version. Is this a mistake? Has an error copy been issued with my Silverfast HDR disc?

2). I gather the HDR has the VLT operation, which looks like another platform, a bit similar to Aperture or Adobe Bridge on first glance but with more processing power. I don't use digital capture (no digital camera) at all. Is this HDR solely for digital capture images rather than scanned film images?

3). Have I beensupplied with the wrong item then? I only use photographic film and have no interest in digital capture, but I need to scan my work.

4). On the Silverfast Scanflow I can see 48bit-->24bit but no option for 48bit. Why is this?

I'm new to Silverfast so please excuse my questions if they seem a bit silly.


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Postby LSI_Bruhn » Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:53 pm

Dear numptie,

you may read this article, I suppose it will give you the most answers to questions :

kind regards
Sascha Bruhn

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Re: Silverfast HDR v6.5 - What's it for...?

Postby veryfaster » Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:37 am

Very useful article, Thanks

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