Dumb Question.....

All about SilverFast HDR and HiRepp (48bit HDR processing)

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Dumb Question.....

Postby rcolli01 » Fri Aug 13, 2004 3:22 pm

Sorry for the stupid question, but what exactly is "HDR." Is it a new file format or is it just an abbreviation for a new process. I have Silverfast Ai that came with my Epson Perfection Pro 4870. I see mention of HDR and it is an optional color depth (48 bit HDR). I also noticed that there is a program, Silverfast HDR. Is that an editor? Need I purchase that if I have Silverfast Ai? Thanks for your attention!


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Postby LSI_Flyvbjerg » Mon Aug 16, 2004 7:08 am

Dear Rick.

HDR stands for "high dynamic range" and means the use of 16-bit raw data.

SilverFast Ai is the software that let you scan images from your scanner into the computer. If you can make all corrections (color corrections, gradation, sharpening etc.) while scanning, then you are ready after scanning.

If you want to make changes later, you should scan into 16-bit HDR format, which simply means that the resulting image file contain the full dynamic range. Changes (and conversion to 8-bit) can later be done without loss of quality.

SilverFast HDR lets you open and edit your 16-bit raw files. It comes with the same interface as Ai. The difference between Ai and HDR is simply: Ai scans images from a scanner; HDR opens images from file.

SilverFast HDR is a separate product and has to be purchased separately.
Please try the free demo before purchasing.

Best regards
Eric Flyvbjerg

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