Epson 4990 Negatives saved as Negative Images

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Epson 4990 Negatives saved as Negative Images

Postby oeolsson » Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:15 am

I have 6x6 individual B&W negatives that I have to lay directly on the scan bed. I set Silverfast to scan wide transparency, negative, and 16-bit HDR. I used batch scan but although the preview shows as positive images the saved files are negative. This does not happen when using negative carriers.

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Re: Epson 4990 Negatives saved as Negative Images

Postby LSI_Schneider » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:22 pm

Dear customer,

the 16bit-HDR mode is a kind of scanner raw data mode, that saves the image like the scanner's sensor has captured it. This means there are no adjustments made on the image. The negative -> positive conversion is not done in this mode as well. The NegaFix profile gets attached, so that SilverFast HDR (which is the software to process HDR scans) can read it, but the saved file will remain looking like a negative for other applications.

If you would like to get converted output, please select the 16->8bit or 16bit mode (available in Ai Studio).

With kind regards
Nico Schneider

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