using digital slr camera to photograph color negative film

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using digital slr camera to photograph color negative film

Postby ericjarvies » Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:16 am


perhaps someone here can point me in the right direction ...

i am digitizing super 8mm and super 16mm motion picture color film in both negative and reversal stocks, as well as black and white neg/reversal.

i am using a special film transport/gate system that works with my kodak dcs pro/c and canon digital rebel dSLR cameras. these cameras have capture utilities/software, and also have an SDK of their software. this software allow one to control the digital camera from the computer, which in my case is a g5 running the latest osx.

i need to be able to color correct my film while i have it on screen, prior to actually digitzing it with my dslr. i am basically doing with a dSLR as one would do with a scanner. but in my case, once i click the 'take picture' button, my digital camera in unison with my prototype motion picture film scanning machine, the camera and my machine will continue to take photos one right after another, as the film is advancing frame by frame(1 frame every 5 seconds). so if i have a 400' roll of motion picture film loaded, then my camera will be digitizing film for an entire day.

now then, all of my scenes i film on my motion picture cameras/filmstock, contain gray card and color chart. so, what i would like to be able to do, is load up a frame in a particular scene that has a color and gray chart/card showing, and by using these, i would like to color correct the image/frame of film right then and there. this way, i can digitize that entire scene using the same color correction settings i applied to that one/first frame.

on top of this, i would like to make sure that the NEGATIVE filmstocks are correctly removed of the orange tints and what have you.

so, if anyone can offer some advise, i would greatly apreciate it.

eric jarvies
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Postby LSI_Bruhn » Mon Oct 11, 2004 12:55 pm

Dear Eric,

if I don't get you wrong :-? - you need your own profile on the negative film.
You can do it very easy within the expert dialog for NegaFix.

Therefor you should read chapter 6.7 of the manual which even can be dwonloaded here : ... Ch6-en.pdf

kind regards
Sascha Bruhn

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