problems with embeded ICC profiles/colorspaces

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problems with embeded ICC profiles/colorspaces

Postby brett » Mon Apr 26, 2004 4:05 pm

I'm a new user to silverfast dc pro but have been using silverfast ai for several years.

I am shooting raw files with a canon eos 10D. I have the camera set up to embed the raw files with an Adobe RGB colorspace.

After transfering the images to my hard disk and examining them with the Canon file viewer utility program that came with the camera, sure enough each raw file says that it has the Adober RGB space embeded in to it.

However, after launching silverfast DC pro, and examining the same files, silverfast says that no colorspace exists! If you launch the VLT and click on a raw file and then select exif information about that file, sure enough is gives all the appropriate information about the camera model, exposure, time date etc., however the color space says: uncalibrated.

Also, the DC pro manual says that under the CMS panel you should be able to select either the embeded profile for that raw file and/or the colorspace for the camera. The example even shows it using an EOS 10D icc in the "input" area. But, not only is the embed color space not showing up, no option is given for my camera in the "input" space as well. Either my program is not correct or the manual is wrong.

Does any one have an answer?

By the way is anyone else upset that after spending hundreds of dollars on software, that a call to Lasersoft tech support will charge you by the minute? There ought to be a 90-day window for free calls to tech support after purchasing your program/or upgrade.


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Postby LSI_Muenier » Tue Apr 27, 2004 8:28 am

Dear Brett,

The manual for the CMS panel is not up to date, here.
The camera profiles are now chosen by SilverFast internally, in accordance with the camera and the light used for the shot.

The camera raw data are _not_ in the Adobe RGB color space (otherwise it wouldn't be neccessary to correct them individually for the camera and the light used under shot). But SilverFast automatically corrects this for you. You may then choose your Internal Color Space in SilverFast's CMS panel to be the Adobe RGB one (which already chosen by default).

Best regards

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