Why do I need the most advanced and most expensive scanner?

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Why do I need the most advanced and most expensive scanner?

Postby Fractalogic » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:24 pm

Good evening, ladies and laddies!

As the title says, why do I need the most advanced and most expensive scanner in order to use SilverFast?

What is it with SilverFast and scanners, why do you need to tie the SilverFast scanner software to specific scanner models?

I am looking for a decent scanner software for my Canon CanoScan LiDE 60. I was seriously considering buying a license for the SilverFast, at least the simple SE edition. I read about it on the Web and other users were recommending this software. But suddenly I'm not interested anymore.

From the front page, I click 'Download Order' from the 'Store' menu and then 'SilverFast for scanners'. On the next page I get some sort of form where I need to pick a country, manufacturer, and product - that's scanner vendor and model. I pick Canon as vendor, and then I can only select following models.

CanoScan 300
CanoScan 600
CanoScan 2700F
CanoScan 4400F
CanoScan 5600F
CanoScan 8000F
CanoScan 8400F
CanoScan 8600F
CanoScan 8800F
CanoScan 9000F
CanoScan 9900F
CanoScan 9950F
CanoScan FB 1200 S
CanoScan FS2710
CanoScan FS4000US

Why exactly do you support only these models?

Canon has produced over 70 different flatbed scanner models over the years, out of which 16 were CanoScan LiDE series, LiDE 210 being the latest one. So why do I only see 15 Canon scanners in your list? And why are they all the expensive mdoels like the 8800?

Again, what is it with SilverFast and these scanners? What's special about them? Why do you need to adopt your scanner software specifically to these models? Why will it not work with a CanoScan LiDE 60 or the LiDE 210?

Like I said, I am no longer interested in purchasing this software. You obviously think that it will not work with my scanner, so why would I buy it. I would only have wasted money on it for no reason. There's no reason in that.

In fact, I cannot even download the demo version of the damn thing, to verify whether it works or not. I click 'Demos' from the 'Downloads' menu and then 'SilverFast for scanners'. Again, on the next page I have to pick a manufacturer (scanner vendor) and a product (scanner model). One would have to lie about what model you have to get past that and get the download link.

As it turned out, it was a bad idea to even look at SilverFast as an alternative scanner software for my scanner. I just wasted a lot of time reading and learning about SilverFast, and watching your videos. Just to find out that the damn thing doesn't even support my scanner. I feel very disappointed. I expected more from a company like LaserSoft Imaging who has been in this business for a long time.

I will probably be looking at some other alternative for my scanner, maybe v**s**n or some other software. But the least you can do is give me some answers, as to why your software only works with certain scanner models, even though it relies on industry standards like TWAiN which ensures interoperability between many different imaging products.

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Re: Why do I need the most advanced and most expensive scann

Postby LSI_Morales » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:15 pm

Hello Fractalogic

I would like to ask you something Before addressing your question (and please don't take it wrong).

Would you pay 300 € or more for a version of SilverFast Ai Studio connected with your scanner?

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