Scanning Film using Canon 8800F?

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Scanning Film using Canon 8800F?

Postby john10001 » Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:01 am

Can anyone advise what settings I need to use to scan some 35mm negative strips using the Canon 8800F?

I have tried using the MP Navigator EX 1.0 as well as ScanGear but unfortunately they don't recognise all the frames.

So far Silverfast seems to be better in this regard from the little I have used it in that I have managed to get it to scan the strips and detect at least some of the frames, and, it also gives you the option to manually select other frame areas that were not detected, which is a major bonus. The only trouble is when I try and scan the result comes out like an inverted image that is really bright not at all like a photo.

If anyone can suggest any settings to try I'd appreciate it. I installed Silverfast as a stand alone application I wasn't sure whether to have it as a twain device part of photoshop elements 5 or not.

** I've just noticed that a lot of the times I try and scan film it seems to be scanning in the infra red channel only. What am I doing wrong or is the silver software just cr&p?


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Re: Scanning Film using Canon 8800F?

Postby LSI_Luebker » Fri Mar 06, 2009 11:36 am

Dear John,
is it possible that you are scanning Negative Film in 48 BIT HDR Mode ?
This would explain the Problems with the colors as in HDR mode are no settings applied.
The HDR Scan produces an 48Bit Tiff which is quite similar to a RAW file form a Digital Camera and you would need to load it
in to our SilverFast HDR to apply the settings.
best regards,

Thomas Luebker,
LaserSoft Imaging AG

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