Make my Arcus 2 go!

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Make my Arcus 2 go!

Postby diditnow » Wed Aug 04, 2004 6:26 pm

I have an Arcus 2 that I'm trying to hook up to a G5 running OS 10.3. I got a device from Belkin, a SCSI to Firewire adapter. I installed Fotolook and tried to make it go but it didn't. So I downloaded the Demo of Silverfast AI and amazingly it worked!!! Here is my problem: At $299 for Silverfast plus $85 for the adapter I'm spending too much to keep this thing alive- it does not make sense. So is Silverfast SE good enough? Does it allow you to scan Hi-rez? Is it appropriate for a professional graphic artist? Do you have control over the settings? What are you giving up compared to AI? Remember I'm used to Fotolook.

Also if I have an old copy of Silverfast A! 5 for Microtek X12USL Scanner can I upgrade from that for a lower price.

Just trying to keep the Arcus going without spending a lot of $$$

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Postby LSI_Noack » Thu Aug 05, 2004 7:43 am

Dear dititnow

please note the the Imaging Forum on our website is intended as a communcative platform for imaging professionals.

For support requests like this please on't hesitate to contact LaserSoft Imaging support staff via the problem report form:
Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

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