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Complaint about Forums

Postby kevinkar » Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:15 pm


I'd like to voice my opinion regarding the inability to use these forums in a successful manner because everything I attempt to post is denied and passed on to the LaserSoft technical support staff instead of being able to be discussed in an open forum even when the post is a discussion of SilverFast and it's issues and NOT a cry for helping my specific problem with the software.

Your forum has the following as a guide:

Before you post.

* Use our search function in this forum to find similar topics.
* Use our FAQ to find solutions for your problems.
* Use our support assistant to get help if nothing of the above points help you.

The very FIRST rule is to search this forum! If no one can post issues and have them solved in an open forum, then there's no point in searching here first, is there? Why is that even a rule? Every time I post a question, it's denied and sent to technical support and, as a result, the solution is NEVER posted back here and it leaves anyone else with the same question in the dark as to a proper solution. There is therefore no need to search the forum, is there?

The second rule is questionable too because I have never seen any of my questions added to the FAQ which means there's not much point in searching there for solutions either.

Besides that, all one has to do is look around the forums randomly and you will find hundreds if not thousands of technical questions and solutions! Yet, every time I ask a question, it's denied. Why do other users get their technical questions approved and answered? If this forum is not for help, why does it even exist at all and how do ANY technical questions make it in?

We are not supposed to post technical questions yet there are forum sections called "Installation Problems", "Host Related Problems", "OSX Problems", "All Other Problems" ALL of which imply discussions of problems yet I am always denied when asking questions! I don't believe you actually have sections to discuss problems yet when someone tries to post a question it gets denied!

Are these forums for problem discussions or not? If not then why is "Search this forum" the FIRST place to start when looking for solutions? You guarantee that my questions are not posted so it's impossible to find solutions to them in this very forum I am supposed to search first!

If we are unable to discuss "problems" in this forum then perhaps you need to remove those sections from the forum and only have a single "Tips And Tricks" section.

It's very frustrating when trying to solve issues quickly by leveraging the entire SilverFast community who might have an answer but don't know I've even asked a question.

Very disappointing.

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Re: Complaint about Forums

Postby LSI_Ketelhohn » Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:18 pm

Dear kevinkar,

as soon as a problem is posted which requires personal information we can not allow it to be discussed in our forums, sorry.

General questions about usage are posted and will be answered by our staff openly.
But serials and personal logfiles have no place in a public forum.

kind regards Arne Ketelhohn.

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