Reflecta DigitDia 3600 - borders

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Reflecta DigitDia 3600 - borders

Postby SuBlack » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:03 pm

I am from Germany, so please excuse my english....
I have a Reflecta DigitDia 3600 and I am trying to scan my slides with Silverfast, latest Version (from November).
With the scanning of the slides in the batch (series) mode always black Borders appear. I already read the pdf-manuals and I have tried a new IT8-Kalibration. But everytime I try to change the frame settings, the frame changes again when scanning the whole Dia-magazine (in serial-mode), so that the borders are appearing on every scanned image.
The support only generated an automatic answer which told me that they are momentarily unable to answer with their usual more answers after that :cry: ..
Please help me! How can I set the frame correctly for a series of dias?!

OS: Windows XP
Scanner: reflecta DigitDia 3600
Connection type: FireWire
Host program: SilverFast Standalone (SF_App)
SilverFast type: Ai
Version: 6.2.3r3
Language: Deutsch

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Postby LSI_Magnussen » Wed Nov 24, 2004 11:46 am

Please look at my answers in the following thread:

Best regards

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